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Who we are?

ReStore is India's first refurbished battery brand, specializing in the revival and restoration of batteries used in stationary applications such as UPS inverters and solar systems. With our proprietary EBEP (Electrochemical battery enhancement process) and a team of highly trained engineers and technicians, we have successfully restored over 3 lakh batteries.

At the core of our success lies our proprietary technology known as the EBEP (Electrochemical battery enhancement process). This innovative technology and process restores the lost potential and backup of used lead-acid batteries.










Our Mission

Our mission is to establish over 5000+ battery refurbishing centers in India by 2025. These centers will serve as hubs for battery refurbishment and will provide all type of services related to batteries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote and create a sustainable business and sustainable environment. We strive to refurbish and reuse 50% of the discarded batteries, significantly reducing battery waste and preserving the environment.

Our Purpose

ReStore is driven by a commitment to promoting a sustainable environment through battery revival and responsible resource management.

Restoring discarded batteries: Our proprietary EBEP technology doubles the lifespan of lead-acid batteries, reducing waste and resource consumption.

Minimizing pollution: We actively promote battery refurbishment, preventing harmful pollution from improper disposal and unregulated recycling.

Creating a circular economy: By focusing on local battery refurbishment and distribution, we create jobs, empower communities, and save environment.