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Join the revolution in the Indian battery industry
India's first refurbished battery brand
Opening a ReStore Recharging Station can be an attractive business opportunity for several reasons. Here are the key points to consider
Low investment business model

ReStore offers a business model that requires a relatively low investment. This means that aspiring entrepreneurs can start their ReStore recharging station without the need for substantial capital upfront.

Finance facility available

ReStore provides a finance facility to facilitate the establishment of a ReStore Recharging Station. This means that individuals who may need more funds to be readily available can still pursue this business opportunity.

high return

ReStore promises a high return on investment. This assurance can be appealing to those looking for a profitable venture. Individuals can expect to generate substantial income by opening a ReStore recharging station.

Aggressive marketing support

ReStore also offers aggressive marketing support to its partners. This means that individuals who open a ReStore recharging station will receive assistance in promoting their business and attracting customers.

Service engineer support

ReStore provides service engineer support to its partners. This ensures that any technical issues or maintenance requirements can be promptly addressed. Having access to skilled professionals can enhance the efficiency and reliability of the ReStore recharging station.

No competition

This factor presents a significant advantage to those who enter the market early. With no other players vying for customers, individuals have the opportunity to establish themselves as the go-to ReStore Recharging Station in India.


Very Low

Maximum Return on Investment

Dedicated Company Engineer

Revolution in the Indian battery industry
India's first refurbished battery brand empowering


Industry Size - More than 10 Cr. Lead acid batteries worth Rs. 40,000 Cr. are scrapped/replaced annually in India.

Business Opportunity - More than 30,000 battery refurbishment centers will open in India to refurbish old lead acid batteries, operating under the guidelines of Battery Waste Management Rules 2022.

Economic Benefit - Save the huge cost of the Indian economy spent on replacing 10 Cr. batteries every year.

Environment's benefit - Save the environment from hazardous pollution caused by scrapping batteries

* Refurbishment activity to be done as per the Guidelines of CPCB, under battery waste management rules 2022
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Invest 5.25 lakhs in the Book ReStore Battery Refurbishing Centre and earn up to 1 lakh monthly. This opportunity is available for both franchise and master franchises. For more information, please call (+91) 9706076076.